Mold Making

Silicone rubber is brushed over the original work for a perfect imprint of the original piece. Once the rubber has been applied and allowed to dry, a fiber glass or plaster jacket is applied to the outside of the rubber mold. This is to make sure the impression inside keeps its form once the original artwork is removed. The inside of the rubber mold will show a perfect impression of the piece and a wax taken. Once the wax has hardened, the rubber mold is again pulled open and the wax is now the perfect image of the original piece is removed. The Ceramic Shell, the wax copy of the original along with the sprues and the cup, is dipped into a silica slurry. This step is followed by more applications of dry silica until the shell is thick and even. Each coat must thoroughly dry before the next is added. Once this shell dries to a good hardness it is ready for casting Burn Out. At this point the ceramic (silica) shell mold is burnt out by being heated to 1,600 degrees to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. The shell vitrifies at this temperature and the wax melts out. Once the wax has melted the molten bronze is poured into the shell. Once the bronze has cooled sufficiently, the work is broken out from the ceramic mold and sand blasted.

Metal Work

Welding, chasing, fabrication: Very large works of art are cast in many pieces that will have to be assembled and welded together. Smaller works may also have parts that were removed and cast separately. The seams made from welding are taken off (chased) with grinding tools. Sanders and other tools are used to make the bronze look like the artist intended. The work is sand blasted once again to make it ready for the patina.


Patination is the process of applying hot chemicals to the surface of a bronze. The piece is heated with a blowtorch as various chemicals are brushed on or sprayed on. The chemicals oxidize the bronze and create colour on the piece. Patination is an art in itself, and creates the final look of the piece. Once the patina is finished, the sculpture is sealed with a clear wax and ready to enjoy.

Sand Casting

We can sand cast from any patterns supplied to us from small pieces to monumental outdoor sculptures at our in-house facility.


Enlarging can be done from either a small sculpture or a drawing to any size. Transport installation and siting. We can organise sculptures to be transported and installed at outdoor and indoor sites if required.