At Cast we take great pride in our unique and traditional bronze custom award work. Our Cast team are experts in creating  personalized awards, incentives, gifts, plaques, trophies and any award you might need.

We are experts in creating personalized awards, plaques, trophies and any award you may need. See a sample of some of our work including bespoke bronze awards and custom trophies and awards.

Our expert team help artists to sculpt and cast corporate awards based on any object, picture or idea that you may have a vision for.

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The symbolism of the Dubai DutyFree Trophy 2023Dubai DutyFree Trophy and meaning by Ani Mollereau

The sculpture depicts a falcon holding a spiral with a horse’s head. The representation of the falcon and the horse epitomises the characteristics of both species.  They are renowned for their bravery, pride, nobility, grace and power. These qualities are the epitome of racing.

The partnership in racing between the Arabs and the Irish embodies both the love and the passion for the horse.  The intercultural relationship results in the twohalves becoming greater than the whole.

The wings symbolise the aim to highly achieve with grace and valour.  The ten feather tips on the wings represent the ten fingers of the hands that have helped mould and train the horse to achieve this wonderful victory from birth to track. The breeder, the veterinary surgeon, the groom, the yard staff, the trainer, the jockey, the owner etc, each contributing importantly towards the same aim.

The falcon’s head represents the keen eye for success, the attention to detail and preparation.

The claws symbolise the strength and resolve to hold firm to your goals and the competitiveness of racing.

The tail has 12 feathers which represent the 12 furlong length of the race.

The spiral with the horse’s head symbolises the racecourse and the path to victory.
The Curragh, with its natural terrain is represented by the irregularity of the modelling. It is a historical site symbolised by the spiral, an early Celtic symbol.

The Bog Oak base carries the stories and history of the Curragh plains. which has formed our present?”

Ani Mollereau